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Advantages of CFD Trading with JCMFX

Trading without actually owning the financial instrument on which the contract is based
Instant exposure to global economies
Speculation on future uptrend/downtrend market price movements
Ideal also for beginner traders due to low deposits
Ability to go short and profit from falling prices
No commissions or stock exchange fees

Trade Forex, Precious Metals, Energies and Equity Indices from 1 Account.

Commodities - Spreads / Conditions

SymbolDescriptionMinimum Price
Value of Minimum
Price Fluctuation
Value of 1 lotMin/Max
Trade Size
Margin Per LotLimit and Stop
COFFE US Coffee 0.00050 USD 5 USD 1 * 10,000 LBS 1/100 USD 450 0.002
COCOA US Cocoa 1.00000 USD 1 USD 1 * 1 Metric Ton 1/100 USD 70 14
COTTO US Cotton No. 2 0.00010 USD 1 USD 1 * 10,000 LBS 1/100 USD 125 0.01
SUGAR US Sugar No. 11 0.00010 USD 1 USD 1 * 10,000 LBS 1/100 USD 100 0.002
WHEAT US Wheat 0.00050 USD 0.2 USD 1 * 400 Bushels 1/250 USD 10 0.02
HGCOP High Grade Copper 0.00010 USD 0.2 USD 1 * 2000 LBS 1/300 USD 150 0.01
CORN US Corn 0.00010 USD 0.04 USD 1 * 400 Bushels 1/250 USD 35 0.06
SBEAN US Soybeans 0.00010 USD 0.04 USD 1 * 400 Bushels 1/250 USD 80 0.02
About CFDs

CFDs are suitable for financial speculation and allow traders to benefit from market movements. You can go long (buy) when you expect a rise in market prices, or go short (sell) when you anticipate a fall in market prices, and increase your profits in line with the price falls.

In anticipation of potential loss in your equity portfolio value, CFDs can be used to offset loss by going short. Supposing you have Johnson & Johnson shares worth USD10,000, for instance, you can sell the USD10,000 equivalent of these shares through a CFD trade. In case Johnson & Johnson prices have a 10% fall in value in the market, the loss in value of your shares can be balanced by the gain in your CFDs.

As leveraged products, CFDs mean potential return on investment through high leverage. They enable you to open your position by paying only a small fraction of the total contract value. JCMFX margins start at as little as USD 5. It is also true, however, that the market can move against you and potentially increase your losses.