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Local Representatives

A Local Representative represents our broker JCMFX in various Regions. You get full support from the broker and help support clients from your region.


You must first be an Introducing Broker (IB) with JCMFX. The IB who refers the most clients in a particular region gets to be promoted to be a Local Representative in that region.

What benefits do i get?

As a local representative our company JCMFX will provide you with an office and you will have full support from the company to promote JCMFX in your region.

What does a Local representative do?

A Local Representative is responsible to support clients in your specific region. Local representatives will have to promote JCMFX and bring in clients for the company.

JCMFX also offers suggestions and advice to IB's who wants to be a Local Representative. Kindly send us an email and we will arrange our sales team to assist you.

For more details email